Creating elegant, breathtaking pieces of functional art from obscure and often rare airplane parts requires the vision of a man who has pulled back on the stick and aimed for the sky, the creative brilliance and methodology of a skilled artisan, and the technical knowledge and inventiveness of a true innovator. A fitting description of artisan Peter Valentino. He formed Phantom Werks for the sole purpose of creating a limited number of unique, aviation-inspired functional artwork for only the most discriminating of buyers and collectors. Every piece is a product of Peter’s unlimited imagination and superb craftsmanship.

Each Phantom Werks project is a one-of-a-kind creation built around an original aircraft component that has been sourced through Peter’s life-long aeronautic connections and painstakingly restored. Custom pieces may take months from inception to completion, but when your delivery day arrives you will know that you are in possession of a truly unique and exceptional work of art.

Celebrate your passion; fuel your obsession.