Phantom Bar

The Phantom Bar draws it’s inspiration from a variety of iconic US military aircraft. Refurbished original Martin-Baker Mk7 ejection seats from the  McDonnell Douglas F-4 Phantom fighter jet offers patrons a surprisingly comfortable and certainly unique seating experience. Every part and detail of the decommissioned, deactivated ejection seats has been meticulously refurbished to precision standards. The stylish bar base is forged from the aluminum housing of the cowl from a Fairchild C-119 ‘Flying Boxcar’, painstakingly restored to it’s original condition. The sleek glass bar top provides plenty of airspace and perfectly compliments the other components.  The extensive time devoted to the creation and assembly of the Phantom Bar is evident in every detail. Each component  has it’s own unique historical story to tell and makes this functional aviation art piece the center of attention of any conversation.

Phantom Werks takes great pride in rebuilding the past. We work with each client to bring to life their particular desires and individual taste to create a one-of-a-kind functional aviation art piece.At Phantom Werks, dreams take flight!