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The Phantom Bar is constructed using original U.S. military aircraft components, in this case, four Martin-Baker Mk7 ejection seats once used in the mighty McDonnell Douglas F-4 Phantom jets that faithfully served the United States Air Force, Navy and Marines for over three decades. The aluminum housing forming the base of the bar is an original cowl from a Fairchild C-119 “Flying Boxcar”, used extensively in Korea and later in Vietnam. All component parts are original and have been meticulously restored to exacting standards. Law requires the ejection seats to be demilitarized, and thus are non-working, but most every other aspect of the seat has been restored to museum quality down to the smallest detail. Over 1,000 hours of handcrafted labor and up to four months of restoration and assembly goes into one Phantom Bar. Each element of the bar has a unique history behind it and will be a great source of conversation.

Phantom Werks takes great pride in rebuilding the past. We work with each client to incorporate their particular wants and individual taste into our designs.

At Phantom Werks, we can build the impossible.